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    Reciclying identities

    Identities are to culture what bottles or disposable glass is to the environment:  they can pollute or they can be recycled and re-valued.

    Disposable glass, bottles, window panes… in short, I use every kind of recyclable glass as a symbol for our multicultural and polyvalent identities.  We can create decorative pieces with them, as if it was a piece of our own history, written for us to believe in, continuing to repeat itself and speaking as if it really were happening;  but it’s frailty (product of previous events) is great — like that of disposable crystal.

    Similarly, uses and customs (signs of identity) are broken under the influence and weight of new habits and practices just as mass media, technology, migrations, cultural and economic policies, are replaced with other new fragments in our lives.

    By representing, with pieces of glass, the fragmented identities that inhabit us, I develop sculptural pieces to understand how the collective and personal history is constituted by fragments attached to each other, losing any sense of continuity and coherence that identities, as glass, can either contaminate our life or enrich it.


    The artist has the power to create. And what he makes painting or impregnating a board, carving a piece of wood, shaping a piece of stone or a sheet … That is art. But when he is also able to transform into art objects made by man, this is undoubtedly magic.

    This is what Ruth Moreno presents to us, who impresses with her creativity anywhere in the world, giving new life to everyday objects, the vast majority of them even rejected by the consumerism desire of others, and presents after astonishingly handling them, into worthy of being admired works or pieces which have in many cases a specific utility.

    Few people, like her, have the sensitivity needed to manipulate the glass, a simple and common bottle for example, and show it as an art object; few also know how to breathe into them with their own spirit, your soul, and make them immortal to rest in a bookshelf, on a column in a museum or adorning a room in any institution or gallery exhibition, rather than going to a landfill as it announced end.

    Ruth Moreno’s hands fold docile to the generous flow of her boundless imagination to change the forms, make a whole of several parts or mold the figures to at her reach to enthrone them together, in its own right, in the Eden of art. Ruth’s hands are an obedient instrument of her artistic iron will to achieve the impossible from the everyday things; they are a kind of magic wands with which converting, as the fairy godmother in Cinderella made with pumpkin, a piece of glass in an artistic reference to last forever and evoke the admiration, wonder and praise of those who observe, in addition to extorting a gratifying smile.

    Just like magic.

    Enrique Seijas

    Reporter from “El Ideal de Granada” newspaper.  Communications Adviser of the Colegio de Gestores Administrativos de Granada,  Jaén y Almería, España.


    23 de Mayo 2009.